7-Step Virtual Business Roadmap: How to Create Freedom and Flexibility By Turning Your Ideas, Knowledge and  Creativity Into an Online Business You Love

Create. Automate.
Be Flexible. Be Free.

You’ve got a vision and a dream and I’ve got 7 steps to get you there. Bold claim? Maybe. True? Absolutely. ;)

Grab your favorite drink, settle in for the ride…

What would it be like to have control of your time to do more of the things that really matter to you?

To be able to keep the job you love without having to think twice about whether your salary will be enough this month?

Now let me warn you… while the steps I’m about to walk you through are simple, the work to do them is not.

But then, what worthwhile endeavor doesn’t require a little hard work to bring it to life?

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Putting the Pieces Together

When I started online in 1998 I was like a cow staring at a new gate… clueless. (gosh that seems like FOREVER ago…)

In the online world there are always like 10 different ways to do the same friggin’ thing.

Sometimes I feel bad for the people who ask a question in a Facebook group and get like 75 replies all telling them to do something different. Can you say problem NOT solved?

I get so many emails from folks saying there are just too many pieces to the online biz puzzle and they don’t know where to start, what tools to use and are overwhelmed.

If that sounds like you right now, keep reading.

Here’s the thing…

Good intentions without implementation is a recipe for heartache and disappointment.

On the flip side, having clarity is priceless.

When you have clarity, you can implement faster and reach your goals sooner. It’s priceless!

Your 7 Steps to Freedom

After years of trial-and-error, testing and refining I’ve found that there are 7 pieces to the online business puzzle. You ready?

1. Build Your Platform – this includes your website, social media profiles and any other method you use to get your message to your target market and to engage and interact with them.

2. Getting Traffic and Engagement – this includes paid advertising, the interacting that you do on your social media profiles, word-of-mouth, in-person events. In the training I show you how getting traffic is probably the easiest part of this process.

3. Building Your Email List and Custom Audiences – while using social media is great and is an important part of your virtual business strategy, you absolutely must build your own email list. Using organic (a.k.a. free) and paid traffic to create custom audiences works in tandem with building your own email list. You definitely want to do both.

4. Creating Products & Services – while this may seem out of order, it’s the age old question of which comes first, the chicken or the egg. In this case, if you can start building your platform, email list and getting traffic and engagement before you have a product, it allows you to have a group of targeted, hungry people wanting what you have to sell. And that’s ideal.

5. Getting People to Buy Your Stuff – you can have great products, the perfect website and tons of engagement and not sell a thing. There is a process to getting people to give you their money. Time and time again. More than anything it involves talking to the right people about the right offers.

6. Creating Raving Fans Who Buy Repeatedly – when you over-deliver you create raving fans. When you provide tons of value in advance of asking for money, you create raving fans. Once you have them, all you have to do it give them something relevant to buy… over and over and over again.

7. Automate and Scale – we started this conversation talking about having more freedom, right? Well automation gives you flexibility, freedom and the ability to scale your business. Without it, you’ll just be creating another job. The key to automation and scaling is using the right systems and having the right processes that move your ideal prospects from lookers into buyers. That’s when location independence becomes more than just a cool dream… it becomes real.

NOTE: My Be Heard eCourse shows you how to build your authority, using authenticity and stories to connect with your audience and stand out in a world full of distractions. Check it out!
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