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Custom WordPress Website and Marketing FunnelsWhether you're starting from scratch with no online presence at all or you're looking to makeover what you already have, I've created a simple process for getting what you need.

However, if you're ONLY looking for a website, I'm not the best fit for you... if you want a system that sells, let's do it!

At minimum, your automated marketing system should include:
Your Website + Marketing Funnels + Traffic + Email Marketing

Every business is different and has unique needs. Yet there are a few primary elements that are always necessary when doing business online. Keeping this in mind, I've covered every angle... I'll take care of your "techy stuff". No need for you to get bogged down trying to figure things out.

A website alone will not make you money... you need it to be built to convert visitors into leads and customers and then you need a system (a.k.a. process) to follow up with them and convert them into buyers and repeat buyers, respectively.

Because you are an individual and your business is unique, I don't offer "one size fits all" solutions.

Should we decide that we are a good fit for one another for your project, I consider us a team. On the team I am your builder. I take your dream and vision and bring life to it. I build it in such a way that you and/or the rest of your team can sustain it once the building is done. This is important because many times web designers create systems that only they know how to maintain. In my opinion that is a disservice to the entire team.

Here's How We Can Work Together To Grow Your Business

Email Marketing, Conversion Funnels, Traffic

A website alone will not make you money… you need a system. These three pieces of your system will help nurture your relationship with your clients and customers, convert new leads into happy customers and generate traffic to get people into your funnels.

Get the Deets

Shopify eCommerce Store

From dropshipping and print-on-demand to Amazon stores, eBay and Etsy, eCommerce is more popular than ever! I’m a WordPress snob *smile* who happens to love Shopify for eCommerce. So if you’re looking to migrate from WordPress to Shopify, set up a new Shopify store or freshen up your current Shopify store let’s talk!

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Our consultation was a pivotal point in my business!

"Before working with Tamala, I had become frustrated in my business and had considered closing up shop. Our consultation was a pivotal point in my business! She helped me realize that my list wasn't' dead and that my products can sell large quantities, but that I was just missing a COMPLETE funnel for my products. She is extremely knowledgeable in developing all aspects of an on line strategy to help you create the business of your dreams. I can't wait to move on to the next phase of our planning by implementing a complete website facelift and building out the funnels around my existing products and adding a few new products as well. Yipppppppeeee!"

- Nicole Graves (

Tamala is knowledgeable, personable, and professional, and can help you achieve your vision!

"I'm so happy I found Tamala! In a sea of search results, I was happy to find a real person, and EXACTLY who I was looking for: a web designer, a professional business person, ultra organized yet incredibly personable (you'll love her), AND extremely knowledgeable in internet information marketing.

I had a vision for my business, but had no idea how to create all my infrastructure. I knew I was going to need an ongoing great partnership with my web person. I'm happy to say I TOTALLY have this, and so will you with Tamala.

I'm an expert in dancer wellness, not in internet marketing, It was overwhelming to even attempt this myself. I simply don't have the time or the brain space to do it.

And now I don't need to, because I have Tamala!!! My job is to work on my content, and I have Tamala for EVERYTHING ELSE!She is always an excellent listener, able to speak in layman's terms to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. This was hugely important for me. When we need to make upgrades or changes, she's always on top of it. I also have to say she is the most responsive business owner, answering emails and questions so promptly.

Tamala is knowledgeable, personable, and professional, and can help you achieve your vision!"

- Mary Stride (

She really goes above and beyond to make sure she really brings your vision to life...

"I am so thankful for Tamala. I have been working with Tamala for quite some time now and I have never been unhappy with any of the work she has ever created for my website. She explains, in depth, anything that you might not understand. She goes above and beyond to make sure she really brings your vision to life. Since working with Tamala, I have been able to bring more of me into my business and website then I have before."

- Jessica Vaughn (

Your creativity, passion, and love for what you do shows up in every detail of your work...

" are the business! I have enjoyed working with you on every aspect of this project. Your creativity, passion, and love for what you do shows up in every detail of your work. Thank you for your patience and really walking me through the process of planning and implementation of marketing and bringing my vision to life. You simplified the entire process and fed me knowledge strategically (kind of like a momma bird:) . I can't wait for the next project!"

- Nicole Robinson (