Facebook™ Ads 20% Text Rule Tutorial and Grid Template for Photoshop, Canva and PicMonkey

Facebook™ Ads 20% Text Rule Tutorial and Template
If you use Facebook™ Ads as a part of your marketing strategy or you make ads for clients you know about the often dreaded Facebook™ 20% Text Rule.

When I first started doing Facebook™ Ads back in 2009 the rule didn’t exist.

I don’t remember when they implemented it exactly but I do know these 3 things are beyond frustrating…

  1. Submitting an ad and getting it rejected over and over again because it had too much text (back then ads were just rejected for being over).
  2. Submitting an ad and being penalized because it has too much text. This is the latest rule (at the time I’m writing this post). Facebook™ will still run your ad if it has more than 20% text but you’ll pay more and your Reach will be less. Who’s got time for that?!
  3. Going back and forth between the Facebook™ Text Overlay Tool – https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay – and your ad design making sure you’re within the 20% guideline. Bleh.

After doing ALL of these over and over again and being frustrated I made my own solution. I made a grid that I can use as I’m designing my ad so that I know EXACTLY when I’m going over the 20% rule. No more back and forth with the Text Overlay Tool… no more submitting ads and getting them rejected because of too much text and no more being penalized for going over 20% text. YES!!

Time saved. Frustration eliminated!

I’ve been using my grids (I made one for a 1200×1200 square and one for the standard 1200×628 Facebook™ ad size) for a while now and it makes my ad design process so much faster!

Using Photoshop makes using the grids easy because you can just use guidelines.

Well back in June Facebook implemented the new Text Rules (mentioned in #2 above) where they’re not so much focused on 20% and “grade” ad text as OK, Low, Medium and High. The higher your ad text, the more you’re penalized… even though your ad will still be approved. And they will let you know right in the Ads Manager if your ad has too much text.

Personally, I’m still using my grids because I for sure know they work and I won’t have to deal with issue #3 from above. I like saving time.

Jon Loomer wrote a good article on this also back in June when the update was officially released.

Trust me I’ve made ads using my grids over and over again. At first I was a little gun shy and still tested them in the Text Overlay Tool to make sure I hadn’t messed up… and every time I was either right at 20% or below.

Now Photoshop users tend to be a little more advanced when it comes to designing graphics so using a grid is probably nothing new for you if you are a Photoshop aficionado.

But for people who don’t use Photoshop I see the frustration all the time in many Facebook groups that I’m in. So I made the grids into .PNGs with transparent backgrounds so that all you have to do is place them on top of your designs, see where your text falls, fix any issues and then remove the grid and save your image.

I explain it all in the tutorial video below whether you’re using Photoshop (and don’t know how to use the guides), Canva or PicMonkey. (If you’re on the advanced team, just download the grids and make sure your text doesn’t exceed 5 boxes… whether you’re using the square or the rectangle, 5 boxes is the max before you go over 20%.)

You can also download a .PNG (with transparent background) of the grids below… no optin required.. ‘cuz I’m just cool like that. *wink*

Use them… love them… share them… and feel free to let me know in the comments below if they save you some time and frustration.

Here’s the 1200×1200 square .PNG (right click + save)
Here’s the standard Facebook™ ad size 1200×628 .PNG (right click + save)

Here’s the video:


Facebook Ads Text Rule Tutorial with Grid Template for Photoshop, Canva and Picmonkey
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