Welcome to My GEEKdom!


Hey there, I’m Tamala. I’m a Web Developer and Information Marketer who believes your work can and should be a fulfillment of your life’s purpose… that it must be fueled by your passion… and therefore, aligned with your destiny!

This is exactly what I do…I live my purpose, passion and destiny by sharing information that empowers, enlightens, encourages and even entertains :)… and by helping other visionaries like you use online business systems to build your brand, attract more clients and increase your profits.

I help coaches, experts, and “ServicePreneurs” (service-based entrepreneurs) eliminate tech roadblocks to grow their businesses, implement proven Digital Marketing strategies to automate their marketing and build online systems that work 24/7. Yep, you can do more than trade time for dollars! You’ll generate more profits, grow your brand and create time freedom. Let’s talk!


Waaaay back in 1998, I opened my first business, an online bookstore. Eventually, I transitioned it into a bricks & mortar location. However, this was my first introduction to website design. I taught myself HTML and ColdFusion and got to work!

Fast forward to today and the online world is vastly different, to say the least. Now, using WordPress as a platform, creative insight and technical expertise, I help support coaches, experts, creative entrepreneurs and solopreneurs IMPLEMENT digital strategy, online systems, marketing funnels and automation. Implementation is the key!

I take pride in my work and I never take it lightly when a client chooses me to help them take their business further and am always excited about the opportunity to deliver on time, with accuracy and attention to detail.

I’ve always been one to believe in following your DREAMS. I want to change the world and if using my knowledge, skills and expertise to help business owners fulfill their DREAMS in business is a way to do that (which I believe it is) count me in!

My life’s mission: FREEDOM & PHILANTHROPY.

Here’s To MAKING Life Happen,


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