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Tamala Huntley | Simple Life Digital | Online Lead Generation | Sales Funnels | Facebook(tm) Advertising

Hey there, Awesome Human!

I'm Tamala Huntley, the Head Geek In Charge around these parts. (Remember when being a geek was a bad thing? Ha!)

Let me take a minute to roll out my virtual welcome mat and say welcome my digital Geekdom!

This is me in what used to be my office before I packed up all of my stuff, ditched my desk and moved to Costa Rica for 6 months. Since then I've lived in Mexico and other U.S. cities.

Tamala Huntley | Ditch Your Desk

Waaaay back in December 1998, I opened my first business, an online bookstore. Eventually, I transitioned it into a bricks-and-mortar location. However, this was my ​introduction to website design and online marketing.

I taught myself HTML and ColdFusion and got to work! I also taught myself how to use Google Adwords and Yahoo Search ads and I emailed my ​customers and newsletter subscribers using ColdFusion scripts.

​I knew nothing about Aweber, which was only 4 months old, and none of the other popular email service providers that exist today were around back then. (​Yes, I know, eyes crossed at all the techy talk, right?​)

Fast forward to today and the online world is vastly different, to say the least. Now, the software services and tools are too many to count.

Fortunately the the basics and foundational principles behind engaging our audiences and building relationships with clients are timeless and still work.

These days I run my digital marketing agency from wherever in the world I choose wearing flip-flops and t-shirts --or maxi dresses (hooray for good WIFI *smile*).

Why am I telling you all of this? Because this is what freedom looks like for me. And I run my agency in the spirit of enjoying and maintaining this freedom (in all aspects... emotionally, spiritually, physically, etc.).

Freedom may be totally different for you and that's perfectly ok!

The done-for-you services I provide and
everything I share in the Geekdom are all with the purpose of helping you understand (and implement):

  • the what, why, and how of having automated sales systems in your business... and how to set one up so you can GROW (​I often use my SIMPLE LeadGen Engine Framework to help my clients implement Evergreen ​Income Streams ​to do exactly that)
  • creating authentic digital marketing assets and approaching your online marketing consciously and holistically (everything I create with my clients has S.O.U.L. - it's sincere, organic, unique, and expresses love... I explain more here)
  • how to keep your online marketing SIMPLE and still be effective

I want to help you create and automate assets that allow you to serve with authenticity and still be flexible and free (whatever that freedom looks like for you).

I'm an all around Geeky Girl and former Electrical Engineer who fell in love with all things Internet Business related back when dinosaurs still roamed the Internet and AOL proudly announced “you’ve got mail”.

Though I started out (20+ years ago) following the traditional ​marketing "rules of engagement", I got tired of feeling out of alignment in my business... tired of the pervasive and repetitive culture that goes to any length, using any sleazy tactic to persuade and coerce people into buying from them.

So these days, I go against the grain of today's online marketing culture by helping Conscious Service Providers implement online marketing that uplifts and inspires while multiplying enrollments, serving more clients and elevating their impact (a.k.a. getting ideal leads and dream clients everyday).

I help them reach more people ​so they can change more lives in ways that are meaningful and empowering to themselves and their clients.

My approach is SIMPLE, authentic and empathy-driven. No skeezy marketing tricks around here. Nevaaah! ;)

Think we might make a good team? Take a look around and if you have questions and want to talk, send us an email or schedule a quick phone consult.

​​Cheers to your success!

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