10 Profit-Producing Business Activities You Should Be Doing Regularly

You probably already know that consistency is key in business. Many entrepreneurs and service providers spend way too much time on things that rarely add to their bottom line.

That has to stop.

10 Profit-Producing Business Activities You Should Be Doing Regularly

So What Should You Be Doing?

  1. Creating Products – Without products and/or services to sell, you have no income. Whether you’re selling your own products or making a commission selling someone else’s you must have something to sell. Ideally, at some point creating your own products gives you the most profits.  Make them information products (e-books, audios, videos, online courses, etc.) and your profit grows even more.As long as you have a computer (nowadays even just a smartphone), you can create information products.

    Even service professionals can create information products and as a result, spend less hours trading time for money and earn passive income.
  1. Email Marketing – Contrary to what’s been said, email marketing is not dead. You should be sending regular emails to your list. This serves several purposes:
    • Build and strengthen the relationship with your list
    • Drive traffic to your blog or website
    • Provide valuable information to your readers, which helps them, but also helps you become their go-to person for information and solutions to their problems
    • To make offers on your products and/or services

    You should not be sending only sales emails all the time.  It’s the quickest way to get your emails ignored!

  1. Social Media Engagement – You should be talking to your audience daily using social media. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn,  you want to use social media to connect with your clients, customers and prospects.  You can direct them to helpful articles on your blog, invite them to events and expose them to your offers.  You can also use it as a list building tool (yes, you still want to build your emails list and not just depend on Follows and likes).  Social media allows you to make a stronger connection.
  1. Writing Guest Blogs – Guest blogging is a way to establish yourself as an authority in your field and drive traffic back to your site. The more you write the more exposure you gain.  Find bloggers in your niche that compliment what you offer.  Ideally your guest posts will attract people to your site to find out more about you and get more of your helpful tips and information.  And hopefully, if your opt-in offer is good, you can build your list too.
  1. Generating Leads – you want to constantly be building your list. Without a list you have no business.  People come and go… the only way you’ll be able to sustain your business and keep generating profits is to keep filling your pipeline by continually growing your list.  So whether you use pay-per-click ads, banner ads on other sites, guest blogs or social media, you want to drive traffic to your opt-in offer and build that list!
  1. Making Offers – If you don’t ask for the sale, you won’t get it. So as you engage your audience and share your information… as you become an authority in your market, you want to make calls to action.  Tell the people what you want them to do.  Lead them through your marketing funnel step by step.  Tell prospects, customers, and clients what their next step should be. Lead them into the action you want them to take and then ask for it.  If you want them to join your list, order your widget, call for a consultation… whatever it is, ask for it.  Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale.
  1. Automating & Delegating – As you grow, you’ll need help. You can’t do everything on your own.  Automating the things you do regularly will allow you to easily delegate them to an assistant.  Putting your routines on autopilot and having written checklists for recurring tasks helps you work faster and more efficiently.
  1. Taking Time to Inspire Creativity – Taking time to sit and quiet your mind gives you mental clarity.  Somehow, it’s when our minds are quiet that inspiration most often comes.  So not only are you taking time to rest physically and rejuvenate your body, but also to quiet your mind so you can receive divine downloads of creativity. You’ll get back to work refreshed and renewed, with tons of new ideas to implement.  Mark my words. After every break you take, watch closely and see if you don’t notice a jump in your creativity, implementation, and bottom line!
  1. Making the Right Connections – Having a mentor who is already where you are trying to go is critical to your success. As much as we might like to think we can do everything on our own, the reality is being an entrepreneur can be a lonely road.  Finding Meetups and going to conferences and events will help you meet people in your industry who have similar goals as you.  You need someone to bounce ideas off of and learn from.  Don’t underestimate this.
  1. Action! Action! Action! – The only way to produce profits is to stop planning, contemplating and talking about what you want to happen and be about the business of making it happen. Ideas + ACTION = Progress!  If you wait for everything to be just right, you’ll never make any progress.  If you wait for every question you have to be answered, you’ll never get anything done.  You have to continually learn and then implement or else you’ll look up next year and be in the same place.

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