6 Pillars of Lead Generation Success

6 Pillars of Lead Generation Success and Why You Need Them
In order to thrive (get more coaching clients or sell more services or enroll more students) you need a repeatable way to get more clients… consistently… and bonus points if it’s SIMPLE.

Now let’s *really* talk…

Have you been solely relying on referrals, word of mouth or free content marketing… giving up control of your business growth and revenue?

What if I helped bring 100 new potential clients to your business today, would you be ready for them? Do you have a process to turn those leads into paying clients?

Lead generation is a vital part of every business. No leads means no clients and no revenue. So yes, your business should be getting new leads daily…


LeadGen is only HALF of the process.

If you want your business to grow… to THRIVE… you need more leads, more of those leads becoming clients and more of those clients buying from you again and again.

I know, this isn’t new to you.

It’s just that the HOW often gets tricky and overly complicated.

Consistent sales and profits start with consistent Lead Generation.

Here are what I consider the 6 pillars of SIMPLE lead generation success…

✔️ SIMPLIFY and be more effective. Simplicity is effective. Funnels don’t have to be complicated to get leads and sales.

✔️ INCENTIVIZE with compelling, attention-getting information. No matter if it’s an article, social post, free download, live video, you must illuminate pain/problems + invite to make it go away with your solution or service.

✔️ MONETIZE with back end offers. LeadGen is pointless without monetization.

✔️ PRIORITIZE your audience. LeadGen should be niche specific. As you build, you segment and your results multiply.

✔️ LEVERAGE your time with automation.

✔️ ENGAGE consistently to convert leads into clients. As you engage, you educate, enlighten, empathize, encourage & entertain.

If you want a roadmap for SIMPLE Lead Generation click the image below… it’s a great place to start…

SIMPLE LeadGen Roadmap for Coaches, Consultants and Virtual Service Providers
SIMPLE LeadGen Roadmap for Local Service Providers

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I help service providers and solopreneurs, like you, put all of your marketing and technology pieces together so that your vision transforms from just ideas and dreams into a clear digital marketing strategy that's authentic and effective.

Together we create real, income-generating digital assets that consistently attract, engage and convert your best clients... we build an automated system that leverages your time and sells seamlessly so you can spend more time serving.

I’m also a former Electrical Engineer who happened to fall in love with all things Internet Business related back when dinosaurs still roamed the Internet and AOL so proudly announced “you’ve got mail”. :)

As an implementer, I help non-techie entrepreneurs, especially service providers, who are paralyzed by technology-overwhelm IMPLEMENT their ideas and unlock the flow of money in their businesses by putting all of their tech pieces together so that their vision and strategy transform from just ideas and dreams to actual working, income-generating digital assets, like sales pages, email signup pages, membership sites, email sequences, websites and sales funnels that convert lookers into leads and browsers into buyers.

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