6 Steps to a Successful Side Hustle (Online)

hustle: Energetic activity; drive.

Who doesn’t want multiple streams of income?? Well… it’s been proven, but now it’s just a more blaring reminder… The Internet has become a “millionaire maker”.

But the magic is not just in the medium (which is all the Internet is). It’s in the successful pairing of the marketer and the medium.

The secret is out… all over the Internet. There is not just one way to earn extra income online.  There are a multitude of ways.

The “trick” is to find the way that best suits you, your goals and your business.

At the same time, there are some basics… you know, the fundamentals… that will work all the time; year after year.

The problem is that most people want to skip the fundamentals.  They keep looking for the next “big thing” and as a result leave money… and their dreams of success… on the table.

Whether you’re looking to build an online empire or just earn some extra cash to pay off your car or mortgage, it’s possible.

Now, I’m no Internet superstar but I have learned some basic fundamentals that are solid and they work.  I do them consistently and therefore I consistently earn extra income.  Is it millions… nope, not yet. *wink*

Well then what’s the point?

Well for me, the point is I have the freedom to manage my own time, work when and how I want, spend time with my family and whatever else I choose to do. That’s what’s important to me.  And time freedom is at the top of my must-have list.  You gotta know what’s important to you. Now figuring that out is beyond the scope of this particular post.

BUT… if you already know that you want to explore this wonderful medium called the Internet and build a legitimate business (maybe a side hustle?)… more specifically, if you want to do it by leveraging your ideas, knowledge and expertise… then here are some important things to consider:

  1. Do your research and “use what you got” – Ideally, you want to take something you are already skilled at or some expertise that you already have and build your online business around that.  One way to do this is by offering a service.  Another way, the one that I prefer, is to offer what’s in your head. Huh?  Yep… you do that by creating Information Products (ebooks, audios, webinars, etc.).  Associated expenses can be extremely low and it’s not difficult to do.  So do the research.  Find out if there is a viable market for what you want to offer.

  3. As much as possible, have a passion for what you pick – This should be easy enough.  We’re talking about taking something you’re already good at and building a business around it.  It might be hard to find others interested in what you care so much about, but you’d be surprised at how many weird niches there are in the online world.  Just be prepared to tweak your idea a bit if necessary.

  5. Don’t get tricked by schemes – There are so many ways to get rich.  No really, there are.  But all you need is one.  The problem with the Internet is that you have so many new methods, strategies and million dollar payday makers coming at you that it’s easy to get distracted. So, find one plan… setup one business model… have one mentor… start with one.  Put your head down and dig in… make that a success and then add the new shiny stuff. Don’t get distracted by something new every week.  You’ll look up a year later in the same exact spot you were when you started.  Once you get the fundamental tactics down, run with them.  It won’t be new tactics that’ll cause you to succeed… it’ll be the action and effort you put into actually doing the tactics you already know.

  7. Follow a proven model for success – Find a mentor… someone who’s successfully done what you’re looking to do.  Do what they tell you to do.  Simple as that.

  9. Be ready to put in the time – Anybody who sells you a wolf ticket saying you can have a successful business while barely working is lying.  I’ve been an entrepreneur for a long time (I started selling Avon when I was 10!)… having a successful business takes time and hard work.  Period. Now, once you have systems in place and you have things automated and are delegating responsibilities, you may not have to do as much, but don’t be fooled… there will always be some type of work involved.  Different stages of business require different levels of work but you never escape it. The key is to do something you enjoy so that the work is more fulfilling. And when you have the means, outsource what’s not enjoyable… and what’s not the best use of your time.  But don’t be fooled… be ready to put in the work.  If you’re not ready to work, then you’re not ready for the freedom you say you want.

  11. Be patient with the process – Whenever you’re building something significant, it takes time.  Everything has a process.  Be patient.  Lay the right foundation and try to enjoy the process. Just like any local business, an online business takes time to build, market and get traffic, find the right customers… it’s not an overnight process.  No matter how much you think someone is an overnight success, trust… there are some hours of preparation and hard work that you don’t see.  Don’t bail out too soon.  I repeat… be patient.

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