Get Your First Sale with Shopify + Facebook Ads – Free eCourse

I built my first online store way back in 1998… yep back when dinosaurs still roamed the internet ;) … I had no WordPress and no Shopify to make things “easier”. It was all hand-coded.

What I remember clearly is how exciting it was when I got my first sale. That feeling never gets old! No matter how many businesses I’ve started over the past 18.5 years that “first sale feeling” is always just as exciting as the first time.

Here’s a free video training to help you feel the same. {No optin required}

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Facebook™ Ads 20% Text Rule Tutorial and Grid Template for Photoshop, Canva and PicMonkey

If you use Facebook™ Ads as a part of your marketing strategy or you make ads for clients you know about the often dreaded Facebook™ 20% Text Rule. Here’s a very simple way to eliminate the frustration.

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7-Step Virtual Business Roadmap: How to Create Freedom and Flexibility By Turning Your Ideas, Knowledge and  Creativity Into an Online Business You Love

What would it be like to have control of your time to do more of the things that really matter to you? To be able to keep the job you love without having to think twice about whether your salary will be enough this month? Now let me warn you…

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Reflections from 18 Years of Wading In the Online Business Deep End (15 things I wish somebody had told me when…)

Do you remember when you first dipped your toes into the online business pool? Maybe a better term would be whirlpool… or ocean… or freaking white water rapids. LOL. This thing is no joke! But do you remember?

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#IntrovertsUnite! Nope, You DON’T Have to Livestream Yourself to Death to Grow Your List, Multiply Your Income and Crush it Online

Hate being on camera? This quickie is for you… Broadcasting LIVE makes you wanna hurl? This quickie is for you too… I’ve got 4 tips for how you can STILL grow your list, multiply your income and crush it online without livestreaming yourself to death. I knoooowww… “stats for LIVE video are soooo high” right now. Bleh.

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Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Your Business Website

Every business venture takes hard work and dedication. When it comes to doing business online, people tend to think there is some kind of magic formula that produces overnight riches. Not true. Especially online.

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10 Profit-Producing Activities You Should Be Doing Regularly

1. Creating Products – Without products and/or services to sell, you have no income. Whether you’re selling your own products or making a commission selling someone else’s you must have something to sell.Ideally, at some point creating your own products gives you the most profits. Make them information products (e-books, audios, videos, online courses, etc.) and your profit grows even more.

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