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During your consultation we will:

  • discuss your current marketing and sales process and where you may have leaks in your process
  • assess whether or not online lead generation with sales funnels and/or Facebook™ Ads are a good fit for you and how you can use them to consistently attract the right clients in order to have consistent growth and cash flow
  • outline exactly how much you can expect to spend to get the ROI you want using sales funnels and online advertising
  • discuss what your next steps should be and whether or not my team and I can help you get the results you want


Tamala knows what she's doing and she has great ideas.

Tamala knows what she's doing and she has great ideas. She mentioned that she will not give her clients advice that she hasn't tried herself and that makes a lot of sense to me. She is good-natured and has a pleasant personality. I look forward to working with her.

Sherri Brown

She is awesome!

Love her integrity and knowledge with what she does!

Michele Lersch

Such a lot of excellent information in half an hour!

Such a lot of excellent information in half an hour! Tamala was warm, friendly and very willing to share her knowledge. I will definitely keep her on my list of must-have resources.

Liz Smith

Definitely informative call with Tamala.

Definitely informative call with Tamala. I've followed her for years and her consistency and manner of excellence surely makes her a person to consult with. Thank you Tamala!

Christina Sanders

Tamala has been a dream to work with.

Tamala has been a dream to work with. She's gone way beyond my expectations. Not only is she excellent at the technical end, she offers amazing customer service. She knows her stuff inside out. I am so happy she was recommended to me.

Nancy Troske
Nancy Troske ~goldsmith~

She was great!

Tamala targeted my weak spots and helped me get clear on what steps to take to ensure my business meets my sales goals. She was great!

Ana Maria Serrano
Health and Wellness Consultant

Tamala was a pleasure and a pro to work with...

Tamala was a pleasure and a pro to work with -- the perfect combination! The highlight of my experience with her was discovering I could be flat-out, straight-up honest in my feedback. I'm looking forward to working with her in the future, too!

Rebecca Halton
Rebecca Halton

NOTE: Every business is different, as is every business owner. The testimonials or examples I share should not be considered as a guarantee that you will receive the same results. Your success depends on you... your drive, your commitment to implement and take action, your market and other factors that are unique to you and your business.

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