7 Ways Regular Maintenance Helps Keep Your WordPress Site In Tip-Top Condition and Gives You Peace of Mind

Backup. Security. Reliability.

You’re Playing Russian Roulette If You Don’t Have a Plan to Keep Your Website Secure

Imagine that your website is like your favorite car.

Picture the frame or body of the car. You give it a pretty paint job, tinted windows and other swanky stuff. This is what your WordPress Theme does for your website.

Then, you check out the amenities — optional equipment packages that add just about any type of functionality you want. This is what WordPress Plugins do for your website. They fine tune your site like a well-oiled machine.

Then there’s the heart of your car – its engine. All the bling, beauty, bells and whistles mean nothing if your car’s engine isn’t running or if it’s not in optimal condition. The engine of your website is the WordPress Core. Simple enough, right?

Just like your car needs regular maintenance, your WordPress site needs regular tuneups to keep from breaking down.

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Here are 7 ways regular maintenance helps keep your WordPress site in tip-top condition and gives you peace of mind:

  • Keep Out Hackers and Spammers – These are people with nothing better to do than look for “weaknesses”, such as outdated plugins and themes, as points of entry into your website to plant malicious and destructive code.
  • Improve Website Speed – WordPress Core, Theme and Plugin developers release regular fixes for known issues. They will also often include new features that make your site faster, safer and more customer friendly.
  • Delete Spam – Getting rid of junk comments with bogus links keeps your site safe for your visitors too.
  • Fix Broken Links – Fixing broken links keeps search engines happy and your visitors never get the idea that your site is outdated or unattended.
  • Limit or Eliminate Downtime – Regular security scans and monitoring keep your site from going down which would cost you customers and money.
  • Keep Search Engines Happy – Regular sitemap updates keep your search engine listings “fresh” and relevant which means more targeted site traffic.
  • Market Better With Good Reporting – Google Analytics reporting shows you exactly where your visitors are coming from, where they’re going on your site and how long they’re staying there… so you can give them more of what they like

NOTE: If you want to breathe a little easier and know your site is being backed up regularly, check out one of my “favorite things”… BlogVault, it’s the ultimate WordPress backup service. I also did a short video tutorial on why it’s SO important to back up your website OFTEN and how to do it with BlogVault.

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