#IntrovertsUnite! Nope, You DON’T Have to Livestream Yourself to Death to Grow Your List, Multiply Your Income and Crush it Online

Hate being on camera?

This quickie is for you…

Broadcasting LIVE makes you wanna hurl?

This quickie is for you too…

I've got 4 tips for how you can STILL grow your list, multiply your income and crush it online without livestreaming yourself to death.

Hate being on camera? Broadcasting LIVE makes you wanna hurl? If you're an introvert entrepreneur, I've got 4 marketing tips for how you can STILL grow your email list, multiply your income and crush it online without livestreaming yourself to death. #IntrovertsUnite
I knoooowww… "stats for LIVE video are soooo high" right now.


Question… how did folks, dare I say even "regular folks", create amazing businesses and crush it online before everybody and their mama (literally) started Periscoping and going live on Facebook?

Before the pizza guy started livestreaming his deliveries?

I'm. just. saying. All this noise about how we MUST livestream is just new noise.

Now I'm not saying today's society isn't different and that social media hasn't changed the way we live, hide from people and heck BREATHE.

I'm not even saying that our businesses don't need to grow and evolve.

All I'm saying is it's not the ONLY way and it may not even be the best way for you.

Let's be real, you can try to force your cool "authentic self" into submission, going through anxiety and putting up roadblocks trying to "go live".

Thinking that your product or service won't sell and your business is doomed to remain a toddler because you're not doing these live parties every 30 minutes (just thinking about it makes me tired).

Hey, I'm just like you… a little while ago I was giving myself the utter blues over going live on Periscope.

But what I came to know for SURE is that we ain't, yes ain't, making nothing… as in no dollars… off the content we don't create and the stuff we don't sell.

Look, if Mike Dillard, who is a self-proclaimed introvert, can make 50+ million before Periscope and Facebook Live were even embryos in somebody's mind then what's stopping us, right?!

And he's just one example amongst many.

So do what you do best!

That's what I decided to do.

If your sweet spot is doing audio and podcasting, do that.

If it's writing, do that. I mean, people still read don't they??

If you do awesome screenshare tutorials and recorded trainings (also my shiz), then by all means, do that!

Now I'm not saying don't challenge yourself… I love personal development.

I'm just saying, do what you gotta do to create and sell… now.

Not 6 months from now when you get over your fear of being on camera and are starving and about to be living on the streets (yep, Tam's still dramatic).

But for realz, do nooooot wait.

So, about those 4 tips…

1) First things first…

  • You don't have to be like everybody else
  • Nor a carbon copy of somebody based on their course
  • Master your gift and deliver it to your "crew"
  • Don't fear what you can't do, maximize what you can

2) Ain't nothin' wrong with screenshares, podcasts, workbooks, eBooks, eCourses

  • Pre-recorded content is awesome
  • You can be on camera only if you want to be and you don't have the "pressure" of being live
  • You can build a huge email list using tutorials and helpful content that your crew wants

3) Nurture and engage your crew using email and social media

  • Email is not dead… whack email is :)
  • If you're overwhelmed with social media, maximize one platform at a time (this may not be the popular teaching but it keeps you sane and productive)
  • Share your personality, be authentic, even in your own introverted way
  • Tie it all together (value + selling, not just sell-sell-sell)
  • Automate and repeat and repeat and repeat…

4) The hardest part… DOING THE WORK!

  • Focus. Decide on a plan of action and see it through
  • Tackle one comfort zone at a time else you'll just freak yourself out and do nothing at all
  • Don't let fear stop you from creating and selling

You can do it! #IntrovertsUnite

And hey, if you’re not an introvert… that’s cool too. :) We’ll still let you sit with us.

#TamOut *wink*

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  1. I am a TRUE introvert (INTJ to be exact) and in today’s hyper transparent ecosystem I was really nervous about becoming irrelevant (since I dont do the livestream or Youtube thing. I cling to podcasts like my life depends on it, and following your advice of sticking with what works for me as an individual rings true.

    I do have a question: I run a web design firm and I find myself working 100% in my business and rarely having time to work ON my business. Its driving me a little crazy tbh. Any advice?

    • Me too, Asad (INTJ)! Podcasts are great, you could also do pre-recorded videos. That’s what I’m focusing on. I have done a couple live webinars and may do more in the future but it’s not my “thing” :) so I’m not going to always try to force myself to do them. Pre-recorded is just as good, if not better, in my opinion.

      Web design (only) was how I started my biz and I was the same and sometimes still have to make time. And that’s the thing… you have to make the time. I set aside days where I don’t work on anybody’s biz but MINE. And you may want to consider outsourcing some things.

  2. Hi Tam,

    This is excellent! Shiny bright object syndrome is exhausting. Thank you for this reminder.

    Miss you,

    • It is!! And most of us have exactly what we need for the success we want, we’re just not using it. Miss you too! xo