[PART 2 of 4] 8 Keys to Captivating Your Audience and Eliciting an Immediate Response


The title of this post pretty much speaks for itself.  In Part 1 of this series of posts I gave you the first two keys. I give quite a bit of details so in order to keep this going on record as the longest post ever, I’ve broken it up into 4 parts.

Just to recap the previous keys:

KEY #1: Make Sure You Actually Choose the RIGHT Audience

KEY #2: Speak Their Language

So now, let’s dive right into the next two keys:

KEY #3: Touch Their Emotions – For fifty weeks out of the year, millions of Americans battle rush hour traffic to drag themselves to a job they absolutely hate.  Day in and day out they do this for pay that they always contend is not enough.  They are angry, unhappy and unsatisfied.  If this were your audience, these are the emotions that you would tap into.  You would empathize with them.  Show them that you understand their frustration.  Once they believe that you are feeling their pain, you offer them a solution to their problem.  Whatever your product or service, once you’ve captivated them by relating to their needs, show them how you can help them never take a long commute in rush hour traffic again.  Or tell them how you have the perfect audio books to make their long commute enjoyable.  Or explain to them that your new widget will relieve stress on the job and make their mean boss more bearable.

It doesn’t matter what you are “selling,” the method is still the same.  Find out what makes your audience angry.  What makes their heart break.  What makes them happy.  What makes them feel secure or insecure.  There are so many human emotions to be touched.

Now I am not talking about exploitation here.  You should not try to coerce people through fear tactics or by being underhanded.  You should have an excellent product or service to meet the need that you are putting under the microscope.  You must deliver on your promises!  Always!

You should come to terms right now with the truth that monetary gain is ok.  If you are in business for any other reason, you should re-evaluate why you do what you do.  No business can exist without making money.  Your methods for increasing your business are what you must have in proper perspective.

For example, a fire alarm salesman may look cruel and uncaring to some as he goes door to door in a neighborhood where a home was just destroyed by fire.  However, he is providing a legitimate service and product and several lives, in that same neighborhood, will be saved because of his efforts.  If he were not confident in his right to monetary gain, his business would suffer because he’d be too afraid of taking advantage of someone.  I’d even venture to say that if the family survived the fire, they should be his first customers in their new home.

As humans we are inextricably tied to our emotions.  As advertisers, we should always seek to touch those emotions in all of our marketing communications.  Whether you want an employee to support your company’s new improved customer service program or you want a 40 year old executive to purchase massage therapy sessions, the emotions are there.  Your job as an advertiser is to touch those emotions and then offer your best solution to meet the need you have “exposed.”

KEY #4: Solve a Problem… Meet a Need – I have a mentor who lives by the statement, “he who solves problems gets paid.”  The more problems you can solve for the millions of people out there looking for solutions to the challenges they face, the more you get paid.  When faced with a problem, it’s not time to turn tail and run.  You should be running to the problems of your audience.  You should be finding problems they never even knew they had and offering your widget or your service to solve those problems.

This is not about greed.  It’s free enterprise at its best. A problem doesn’t have to be something huge that will cost you thousands of dollars to fix.  You can easily find an emotional need that is lacking and provide a solution to meet that need (reference Key #3).  It’s actually quite simple when you think about it.  You would be surprised at how few businesses actually make an effort to assess the needs of their potential customers and meet those needs.

Most business owners are busy promoting the things that their customers rarely relate to.  They focus completely on the features of their business rather than the benefits these features provide for customers.  It’s a simple enough shift in thinking to make.  The chart below gives you some examples.

Need Feature Benefit
Inexpensive, quality daycare Open 24 hours, clean, certified instructors Save money, take a vacation with your family from the money you’ll save. Feel confident that your child is safe. Enjoy occasional “date nights” with your spouse with our 24 hour service.
Nice, dependable car Anti-lock brakes, leather seats Great protection for you and your family if you have to stop quickly. Let your kids eat in the car without worries with easy-clean leather.

Rather than talk about your products or services in terms of features (capacity, color, strength), focus on its benefits.  Give dramatic descriptions that help potential customers see how their lives will be better by using what you provide.  How does it immediately fulfill their needs?  How can they live a more carefree life as a result?  Here are a few tips on how to do this:

  • Make a list of your customers’ needs.
  • Identify the features of your product or service.
  • Based on the needs you have identified, determine which features can meet those needs.
  • Now that you have matched features with needs, write down what benefits these features provide to your customers.  Focus on describing how the customers’ needs will be met as a result of each specific feature.

Now you have a clear list of needs to address as well as specific benefits that your product or service provides in order to meet these needs.  As a result, your message becomes captivating to your audience.

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