Get UNstuck…
With a Power Hour Implementation Session You Can Say Goodbye to the Tech Frustrations and Implementation Issues Holding Your Business Hostage!

During your Power Hour we screenshare… I answer your questions about whatever you’re having trouble implementing and we go through the steps right then.

  • Working on a sales funnel and can’t figure out how to connect all of the pieces (landing pages, emails, checkout pages, etc.)? Let’s have a Power Hour!
  • Want to use retargeting and custom audiences for your Facebook ads but don’t know where to add your pixels on your website, how to set up the audience in Ads Manager or how to use the new audience in your ads? Let’s have a Power Hour!
  • Having trouble getting your Webinar set up just right? Let’s Have a Power Hour!

This is for you only if you want to learn and implement at the same time because YOU will be doing the implementation, with my help.

You should be ready to actually implement and work… not just chat. ;)

You’ll need to be on your computer, have your logins handy, have graphics or copy you may need, etc.

I have experience with several online tools and platforms. If you’d like to confirm that I’m able to work with your tools or programs send me a quick message and I’ll respond within 24 hours (M-F, 10-6 EST).

Investment: $150 ~ Duration: 1 Hour


Working with Tamala on my Facebook™ ads has been a real lifesaver

Working with Tamala on my Facebook™ ads has been a real lifesaver. I took a whole course on Facebook™ ads, but I still get stuck.

Tamala is always the first person I call. She has gotten me out of trouble more than once.

Facebook ads can be tricky, even if you know what you're doing, and Tamala knows it better than anybody.

So if you are new to Facebook™ ads, I would definitely listen to what she has to say. She knows her stuff.

Mark Molina
Rezults Internet Media

She IS exceptionally knowledgeable about online marketing...

Tamala's enthusiasm is infectious! She IS exceptionally knowledgeable about online marketing, especially Facebook ads. I came away from the [Funnel Profits Intensive] course fully armed with the knowledge to put together an effective funnel.

I had always found online marketing very intimidating and never fully understood it until Tamala broke it down piece by piece. Thanks to her brilliant course I now have the confidence to advertise on Facebook and anywhere else for the matter without breaking out in a sweat from fear of loosing a tone of money!

Thanks to her, I now know exactly what I'm doing and have since applied what I've learnt to my other projects. Thank you, it was an absolute pleasure working with you and I certainly will be back to tap that brilliant mind of yours!

Dee C.
Video Fantazia

Tamala has been a dream to work with.

Tamala has been a dream to work with. She's gone way beyond my expectations. Not only is she excellent at the technical end, she offers amazing customer service. She knows her stuff inside out. I am so happy she was recommended to me.

Nancy Troske
Nancy Troske ~goldsmith~

Tamala is knowledgeable, personable, and professional, and can help you achieve your vision!

I'm so happy I found Tamala! In a sea of search results, I was happy to find a real person, and EXACTLY who I was looking for: a web designer, a professional business person, ultra organized yet incredibly personable (you'll love her), AND extremely knowledgeable in internet information marketing.

I had a vision for my business, but had no idea how to create all my infrastructure. I knew I was going to need an ongoing great partnership with my web person. I'm happy to say I TOTALLY have this, and so will you with Tamala.

I'm an expert in dancer wellness, not in internet marketing, It was overwhelming to even attempt this myself. I simply don't have the time or the brain space to do it. And now I don't need to, because I have Tamala!!! My job is to work on my content, and I have Tamala for EVERYTHING ELSE!

She is always an excellent listener, able to speak in layman's terms to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. This was hugely important for me. When we need to make upgrades or changes, she's always on top of it. I also have to say she is the most responsive business owner, answering emails and questions so promptly.

Tamala is knowledgeable, personable, and professional, and can help you achieve your vision!

Mary Stride
Happy Healthy Dancer

Tamala was a pleasure and a pro to work with...

Tamala was a pleasure and a pro to work with -- the perfect combination! The highlight of my experience with her was discovering I could be flat-out, straight-up honest in my feedback. I'm looking forward to working with her in the future, too!

Rebecca Halton
Rebecca Halton

Investment: $150 ~ Duration: 1 Hour