Investment: $150 ~ Duration: 1 Hour

During a Power Hour Implementation Session we screenshare, I answer your questions about whatever you're having trouble implementing and we go through the steps right then. 

Working on a sales funnel and can't figure out how to connect all of the pieces (landing pages, emails, checkout pages, etc.)? Let's have a Power Hour!
Want to use retargeting and custom audiences for your Facebook ads but don't know where to add your pixels on your website, how to set up the audience in Ads Manager or how to use the new audience in your ads? Let's have a Power Hour!
Having trouble getting your Webinar set up just right? Let's Have a Power Hour!

This is for you only if you want to learn and implement at the same time because YOU will be doing the implementation, with my help.

You should be ready to actually implement and work... not just chat. ;)

You'll need to be on your computer, have your logins handy, have graphics or copy you may need, etc.

I have experience with several online tools and platforms. If you'd like to confirm that I'm able to work with your tools or programs send me a quick message and I'll respond within 24 hours (M-F, 10-6 EST).

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