Processes Produce Results – What Does Your Digital Marketing Look Like?

What Does Your Digital Marketing Look Like

I know it’s time consuming BUT…

…you gotta do it.

And I realize that you probably don’t really care about the processes… sales funnels, email marketing, Facebook ads, pixels and custom audiences, etc. (I, on the otherhand, am addicted to them!)

Honestly, you just want results, right?

The thing is, processes produce results.

So while you may want to avoid getting bogged down in the details, you only have a couple of choices when it comes to growing your business through digital marketing… i.e. getting those often elusive results.

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The engineer in me likes to take big concepts and processes and break them down into smaller pieces.

So no matter which route you choose, here are 3 “phases” I think you should consider in your approach:

Most people try to sell products and services with no Platform… i.e. no audience. Your Platform includes your website/blog, social media properties, YouTube channel, email list, printed newsletter, podcast…

In order to sell, you gotta have a Platform. Without it, your launches will likely have dismal results. For this reason, you should always be building your Platform… always list building, blogging, sharing on social media, etc.

Always. Yes, it takes work. No, it can’t be neglected.

If it’s something new and you haven’t built your Platform yet, be prepared to grow it slowly (organically) or invest to grow it quickly (paid traffic and advertising).

Processes produce results. #digitalmarketing

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People really don’t care about your products. No really. They care about what your products can do for them. That’s it. What problems do your products or services solve for them?

That’s the question you have to answer. That’s what you have to present through your Platform. Daily.

Your language, your product names, your emails… all should speak to the problems you solve. Not just how great you are or how great your “widget” is… but rather, how does it solve their problem.That’s what people buy from you… solutions to their problems.

Once you have your Platform and your products (or services), then you promote them. Strategically. Have a promotions plan, automated processes that sell for you 24/7, a system to nurture your relationships on autopilot… have a plan.

This type of focus makes selling easier, less sleazy and more enjoyable… for you and your clients.

The most important thing to remember about all of this is that it’s a process.

There will be wins and losses throughout the process.

But if you follow a proven process and build on the right foundation, you’ll win. If you have ideas and are not quite sure how to implement them let’s talk about it.

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I help service providers and solopreneurs, like you, put all of your marketing and technology pieces together so that your vision transforms from just ideas and dreams into a clear digital marketing strategy that's authentic and effective.

Together we create real, income-generating digital assets that consistently attract, engage and convert your best clients... we build an automated system that leverages your time and sells seamlessly so you can spend more time serving.

I’m also a former Electrical Engineer who happened to fall in love with all things Internet Business related back when dinosaurs still roamed the Internet and AOL so proudly announced “you’ve got mail”. :)

As an implementer, I help non-techie entrepreneurs, especially service providers, who are paralyzed by technology-overwhelm IMPLEMENT their ideas and unlock the flow of money in their businesses by putting all of their tech pieces together so that their vision and strategy transform from just ideas and dreams to actual working, income-generating digital assets, like sales pages, email signup pages, membership sites, email sequences, websites and sales funnels that convert lookers into leads and browsers into buyers.

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  1. Really useful information you shared I inspired so much from your blog.keep updating your blog I hope I will find some new info when I will return again. thanks

  2. Irene Stephenson says:

    Hi Tamala,
    I just found you! I have a few questions: I have a business teaching Piano, which I want to phase out of. But, in thinking of where my passion lies, it lies in marketing, and I really did all the traditional local stuff, and only read about all the digital marketing, yet it fascinates me, and I want to dive in 150%! I need to make my website etc. . .for my Piano business to attract students, and I want to start a business Teaching Music teachers how to market to fill their studio.
    So . . . . .I guess I need two complete systems? I’ve been looking at getting my websites done for me, but two is a big outlay. I’ve been looking at “RainMaker” which is a wordpress platform, developed by CopyBlogger. What are you thoughts on this. If I get your “Done-for-you” package, would you build my sites on Rainmaker, or on the theme that you’re used to? What are your thoughts?

    • Hi Irene! :) I normally wouldn’t use Rainmaker b/c the sites I do are more customize than what they allow. I responded to your email too! :)