Discover the Sure Fire Strategy Guaranteed to Grow Your Email List, Turn Lookers Into Buyers and Easily Create a Steady Stream of Repeat Customers

If you're anything like me, you spend a LOT of time on social media.

And if we're honest, sometimes we're "piddling" around and being non-productive.

In other words, not doing the things that grow our business and make us money. *insert guilty face*

It's like jumping into a rabbit hole where we stay stuck for hours!

Imagine what would happen if you made your
time on social media MORE productive by...

... building your email list

... attracting your ideal customers or clients

... and actually making some money

... at the same time ;)

Now don't get me wrong, keeping up with family and friends is important.

Silently lurking and stalking our competition is definitely important. *wink*

Checking up on old flames... importance debatable...

Staying on top of what's going on in the world with Facebook's Trending Topics... also debatable (that's a rabbit hole if I've ever seen one).

So how do you tame the time-stealing social media monster and
turn it into something more useful, productive and profitable?

Introducing the...

Simple Social Media Sales Funnel Action Guide

A Simple Way to Save Time & Actually Profit from the Time and Money You Pour Into Social Media

Simple Social Media Sales Funnel
  • Simple Social Media Sales Funnel Workbook (all content, no fluff)
  • Simple Social Media Sales Funnel Blueprint (so you can print it to use over and over again)
  • Tutorial Video walking you through the funnel blueprint (so you know exactly what to do next)
  • Tools to Use Resource Guide (so you know exactly what tools to use for each part of your funnel)
  • Complete Funnel Building Checklist (so you nix overwhelm frustration right from the start)

I'm an introvert... networking is not my first (or any) love.
So I'm not constantly in Facebook groups, on Periscope, or Twitter
chatting.  I create content, set up the funnel, and let it go to work!

This is a proven strategy to quickly turn your social media assets into... well... ASSETS.

... it's an easy to read ACTION guide + video tutorial that covers, step-by-step, exactly what you need to know to IMPLEMENT a simple plan to sell more of your products and services...

... through social media... today.

I know understanding online marketing can be overwhelming.

Knowing the right steps to take, the best tools to use, what to say... yep... frustrating.

My approach is to always keep things simple.

To break things up into manageable pieces and tackle them one at a time.

It works!

Do NOT Waste Another Minute On Social
Media Without this Action Guide

No really... don't do it!

In just a few hours from now you could be getting more leads and making more money from something so simple you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

... without being sucked into the time-sucking, social media black hole.

You can set it and forget it.

And, with your simple funnel, you can also be generating leads at break even or better.

And to make price a "non-issue"...

...right now you can have instant access to the complete "Simple Social Media Sales Funnel" action guide (including the video, resource guide and checklist) for just $17($27).

Yep, Just $17($27)

Heck, you'll spend more than that going to catch a movie!

You can save yourself countless wasted hours while generating customers at a profit.


Even with a small budget.

It's up to you....

If you want to get started, click the "Add To Cart" link below.

Finally start getting more tangible results for your time and effort…

…so you can stop losing time and money...

... and learn exactly how to leverage social media to sell your products or services profitably…

…click the "Add To Cart" link right now.

Don't just take my word for it...

 Rose Randolph 

 Rose Petals Digital Marketing 


I wholeheartedly ENJOYED the class today. I gained a wealth of hands-on techniques that will help me to create Facebook ads with confidence.

For years, I was so hesitant and terrified to use Facebook to grow my business, I didn't know and understand enough about the process, even though I had bought other courses. Despite the fact this was a beginners class, Tamala over-delivered in the content and real life examples. I now understand how to choose my audience and their interests. How to setup my account and much more.

Thanks to Tamala's reservoir of knowledge and expertise with social advertising, I will no longer be on the sidelines gazing at others profit and growing their businesses using Facebook Ads. Don't hesitate to signup for Tamala's class you will not be disappointed!

 Jessica Vaughn 

 Fit Coach Jessica 


I am so thankful for Tamala. She explains, in depth, anything that you might not understand. She goes above and beyond to make sure she really brings your vision to life. Since working with Tamala, I have been able to bring more of me into my business and website then I have before.

 Nicole Graves 

 The Sweeter the Juice 


Before working with Tamala, I had become frustrated in my business and had considered closing up shop. She helped me realize that my list wasn’t dead and that my products can sell large quantities, but that I was just missing a COMPLETE funnel for my products. She is extremely knowledgeable in developing all aspects of an online strategy to help you create the business of your dreams. Yipppppppeeee!

Tamala Huntley (Head Geek In Charge)

I don't consider myself a business coach or a charismatic speaker who could "sell ice to a polar bear". I'm a former Electrical Engineer who happened to fall in love with all things Internet Business related back when dinosaurs still roamed the Internet and AOL so proudly announced "you've got mail".

So in fancy terms, I'm a Digital Marketing Consultant and Implementation Specialist (see... fancy).

For the past 18+ years I've learned and created online processes and systems that sell for me (and my clients). I've invested tens of thousands of dollars on trainings and certifications to become more skilled at what I do.

I'm an implementer... the person coaches, speakers and solopreneurs call to IMPLEMENT their ideas online... to put all of their tech pieces together so that their vision and strategy transform from just ideas and dreams to actual working, income-generating digital assets like sales pages, email signup pages, membership sites, email sequences, websites and sales funnels that convert lookers into leads and browsers into buyers.

Digital Marketer Certified