How would your business + life change if you could consistently...

How would your business

+ life change if you could consistently...

Reach more of your perfect audience with your message?

Have more qualified people coming to you?

Have more qualified people

coming to you?

Serve more dream clients? 

"I feel like I'm working too hard. I only make money when I'm hosting an event or speaking. I want to get sales without needing to be physically present."

Have you ever felt like this? I hear sentiments like this often when I do consultations with new clients.  

Over the years, I've come to understand that my clients don't really want to build funnels or run Facebook ads.

In fact, most of them could care less about taking courses and spending hours learning how to do either.

They, like you, want what the funnels and ads can GIVE them...

... income that gives them choices.

Choices in...


Choices are personal. We all want choices.

What if I helped you GIVE YOURSELF MORE CHOICES by working with you to Multiply Enrollments, Serve More Clients, and Elevate Your Impact in the world?

Well duh, Tamala! Yes, tell me how!

Glad you asked. *wink*

I can help you do all of those things by setting up a SIMPLE LeadGen Engine for your business.

SIMPLE LeadGen Engine

Most entrepreneurs focus 99% of their energy on the front end of their business.

Things like posting on social media, having a nice logo, writing blog posts or doing podcasts...

But they don't give enough attention to their back end, which is the part of the business that keeps their pipeline full.

And just like a car, a business without an engine (or with an engine that has problems) doesn't work.

It takes a fully functioning engine to make the vehicle operate at peak performance.

My SIMPLE LeadGen Engine has you covered with a lead generating, sales multiplying engine plus the fuel to run it smoothly.

It has everything you need done-for-you.



From strategy to complete implementation, we'll do all of the front end lead generation work for you. We'll build out a LeadGen funnel that's simple and effective.

Getting new leads is only part of successful marketing. You also need back end sales multipliers to convert those new leads into paying clients once you've got 'em. We'll make sure you do just that.

Once we've got your lead generation and sales conversion offers in place, we'll set up a system to consistently get more eyeballs on your offers, a.k.a. TRAFFIC because with consistent traffic, your LeadGen Engine has the fuel it needs to fill your pipeline with the right clients.


Every business is different.

We don't do cookie-cutter, templated, one-size fits all marketing around here.

No fake scarcity...

No guilt tripping folks into buying...

No making people feel silly or stupid for not taking your amazing "no-brainer" deal...

My mission is to infuse YOU into every part of your SIMPLE LeadGen Engine.

To get folks to buy from you because they actually want to, not because they have FOMO or feel like a failure if they don't buy.

Novel idea right?

In our world, funnels are simply conversation starters and conversation extenders and they NEED to have S.O.U.L. (Sincerity, be Organic, Uniqueness, express your Love for your clients).

A SIMPLE LeadGen Engine is a way for you to connect with your audience and engage with them in meaningful ways that leave them wanting to take the next step with you.

Yes, I know...

There are some standard marketing strategies that are best for conversions.

We always incorporate the strategies that make sense to you, your brand and your audience while still building your Engine in a way that feels authentic, is holistic, and of course, is SIMPLE.

And while making the experience enjoyable, empowering and impactful for your audience.

So are you ready to take your business to the next level? To have greater impact and more choices?

I only take on a few private done-for-you clients each month.

I want to really serve my clients in a way that is personal and high-touch.

As a Supporter, I ENJOY the challenge, thrill and demand of OVER-delivering a service that helps others make an impact in the world.

If you're someone who loves to teach, online and off...

... or someone who loves creating courses and memberships...

... or even someone who loves coaching and serving others 1:1 and with group programs...

I'm here to support you by implementing automated sales systems that allow you to multiply your enrollments, serve more of your dream clients and elevate your impact in the world.

Wondering if we'd make a good team?

Well here's the thing...

When we add a SIMPLE LeadGen Engine to your business, you need to have a solid foundation for us to build upon.

This includes things like:

  • having a solid brand message
  • knowing your ideal customer
  • having a tested and working offer that you've at least beta tested (building funnels and running ads to an untested offer is a waste of your hard earned money)
  • understanding the lifetime value of your customer and your profit margins
  • being ready to serve (or enroll) clients when the leads and sales start coming in

Before we can create amazing results together you must:

  • Be a coach, consultant, service provider
  • Know who you serve and be clear about your message 
  • Have a completed course or service that you've tested
  • Be able to invest at least  $3,000 into your business
  • Be open to constructive suggestions and willing to try things that may be unfamiliar to you
  • Be in a place where you're not desperate for cash
  • Understand that this is an investment of time and resources to create long term success

If this sounds good to you and you want to find out what a SIMPLE LeadGen Engine would look like for your business specifically, then let's chat!

BUT WAIT! Tamala, what if I don't need the whole SIMPLE LeadGen Engine?

Totally ok.

If you only need Facebook™ Ads to fuel the funnels you already have, no problem.

If you just want to add a sales multiplier to your back end, no problem.

We'll create the best strategy to accomplish your goals and tailor it to exactly what you need.

SIMPLE LeadGen Engine

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Tamala knows what she's doing and she has great ideas.

She mentioned that she will not give her clients advice that she hasn't tried herself and that makes a lot of sense to me. She is good-natured and has a pleasant personality. I look forward to working with her.

Sherri Brown

She is awesome!

Love her integrity and knowledge with what she does!

Michele Lersch

Such a lot of excellent information in half an hour!

Tamala was warm, friendly and very willing to share her knowledge. I will definitely keep her on my list of must-have resources.

Liz Smith

Definitely informative call with Tamala.

I've followed her for years and her consistency and manner of excellence surely makes her a person to consult with. Thank you Tamala!

Christina Sanders

Tamala has been a dream to work with.

She's gone way beyond my expectations. Not only is she excellent at the technical end, she offers amazing customer service. She knows her stuff inside out. I am so happy she was recommended to me.

Nancy Troske

She was great!

Tamala targeted my weak spots and helped me get clear on what steps to take to ensure my business meets my sales goals. She was great!

Ana Maria Serrano

Tamala was a pleasure and a pro to work with...

Tamala was a pleasure and a pro to work with -- the perfect combination! The highlight of my experience with her was discovering I could be flat-out, straight-up honest in my feedback. I'm looking forward to working with her in the future, too!

Rebecca Halton