10 Profit-Producing Business Activities You Should Be Doing Regularly

You probably already know that consistency is key in business. Many entrepreneurs and service providers spend way too much time on things that rarely add to their bottom line. That has to stop. Here are 10 business activities you should be doing regularly.

1. Creating Products – Without products and/or services to sell, you have no income. Whether you’re selling your own products or making a commission selling someone else’s you must have something to sell.Ideally, at some point creating your own products gives you the most profits. Make them information products (e-books, audios, videos, online courses, etc.) and your profit grows even more.

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Is Your Homepage Getting the Job Done? 4 Ways to Make Sure It Is

Simple enough question, right? It has BIG implications though. I’ll tell you why in a sec, but first let me just say I may be a little different than a lot of people in that I believe your homepage is important, however I also think that with a focus on content marketing, it’s not the biggest entry point into your website as you may think. From search and social media traffic in particular.

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I Have a Website… NOW What!?!

Have you been running blind in your business? Do you jump on the latest marketing fad every time something new comes along, never really sticking to any one thing long enough to see results? Do you have a website and it’s sitting collecting dust with no visitors and no sales, then keep reading.

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This is gonna be fun! We’re Hangin’ out!

When I asked the question on my Facebook page a couple of weeks or so ago I didn’t know how everyone would respond. I asked if anyone would be interested in hanging out with me and talking shop about how to make their website better AND how to make sense of the “pieces” that go

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Website Before & After: WanzaLeftwich.com

Author, Wanza Leftwich, wanted to start a new direction in her business with a new website and social media branding. With an understanding of her vision for where she’s going, we created a fun and feminine look for her new Infertility Defeated brand. We took a few Blogger sites and combined them into one cohesive site and mirrored the look for her Facebook Page.

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Are you waiting another 5 months?

Will Another Whole Year Pass With You Sitting On Your Business Dreams? Don’t Let the Last 5 Months of This Year Pass You By Without Getting Your Business Website Up and Running Seamlessly. It’s YOUR Time!

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