Behind the Funnel – But I Don’t Wanna Be On Camera (Going LIVE without Going LIVE)

There are those like me who just prefer not being on camera. So for people like us to take advantage of the benefits of using videos and going LIVE for engagement and growth, we have to be a little bit creative. Facebook™ videos can get really great reach, especially Facebook™ Lives. Here’s an option to go LIVE without actually going LIVE.

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#IntrovertsUnite! Nope, You DON’T Have to Livestream Yourself to Death to Grow Your List, Multiply Your Income and Crush it Online

Hate being on camera? This quickie is for you… Broadcasting LIVE makes you wanna hurl? This quickie is for you too… I’ve got 4 tips for how you can STILL grow your list, multiply your income and crush it online without livestreaming yourself to death. I knoooowww… “stats for LIVE video are soooo high” right now. Bleh.

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