Website vs. Funnel: Do You REALLY Need Both?

Website vs. Funnel: Do You REALLY Need Both?

“I just want my website to show up at the top when people search for fill-in-the-blank so I can make tons of sales.” It’s one of the first things people say to me when discussing their website or digital marketing strategy. When it comes to growing your business bigger-better-faster and having a consistent flow of leads, customers and sales, it’s a simple case of website vs. funnel …

When I launched one of my niche websites, for church secretaries, about 10 years ago I wanted the same.

I did a lot of research and found that there are really only 2 ways to make this happen…

Invest money or invest time. Well actually 3 ways because you could also invest both (great idea).

So I launched that website and I did both…

I paid for Google and Yahoo Search ads.

I paid to show up above all other search results for my main search terms and while that was going, I was creating content that would show up in search engines organically (eventually).

Soon, I was showing up organically in the top 3 spots consistently. So then I stopped paying for the ads. I didn’t need them anymore.

Nothing much has changed in this regard since then. If you want to start showing up in search results immediately, you pay. At the same time you use search engine optimization strategies on your website so that you also start showing up organically.

Website vs. Funnel

However, a website alone will not make you money…

… no matter how high you rank in Google search results.

The ultimate goal of your business is to get the attention of your target audience, engage them so they become interested in you, get them to desire what you’re offering  and desire it to such an extent that they take action.

 And it should do this continually… you want to be consistently converting lookers into new leads and browsers into buyers who become loyal fans that buy from you over and over again.

A website alone won’t give you that…

…because your business is not your website.

Your website is just one of your business’ assets.

Granted, if you’re like many businesses, it’s the main entry point into your (potential) client’s journey with you.

It’s also where you begin to answer their question of “what’s in it for me”?

Website vs. Funnel

Your website helps your credibility and authority in your industry (by way of the content your write, the social proof you show with testimonials, trust badges and icons, etc.).

Your website helps people who are searching via Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. find you if you are using good SEO tactics.

Your website also has many choices and therefore many distractions. People start reading a blog post and the next thing you know they’re on your Instagram feed and then they’re gone. You have no lead and no sale.

A conversion (a.k.a. sales) funnel gives people ONE choice and NO distractions. Which is why they have higher conversions than your regular website which 98% of people leave without taking any action.

A lot of people will say you can ditch your website and just use only funnels… I don’t agree. I believe both work together kinda like a wrestling tag team. Each has value and a purpose.

If you ONLY have a website right now, (1) you should make sure you’re maximizing it and (2) you should give it a tag team partner a.k.a. a conversion funnel(s).

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In order for your website to make you money,  it must be a part of a Marketing System

a system (a.k.a. process) that follows up with your leads and converts them into repeat buyers.

Your Marketing System can, and should, include both online (a.k.a. digital) and offline marketing.

Digital Marketing includes conversion assets such as:

  • sales pages
  • videos
  • images
  • PDF documents that you may give away as freebies
  • eBooks
  • content like blog posts
  • welcome emails, product delivery emails and nurture sequence emails
  • checkout pages
  • maybe a shopping cart
  • a payment gateway such as Paypal or Stripe so you can take payments
  • pay-per-click ads to get eyeballs on your offers
  • and more…
Your funnels will always include some combination of:

  1. Compelling Offer +
  2. Landing/Web Pages +
  3. Follow Up Tactics (any or all of these: Email, SMS, Phone, Direct Mail, Messenger Bots, *Retargeting Ads) +
  4. Traffic Strategies +
  5. Payment Processing +
  6. Product/Service Delivery

With so many options available and no single right way to implement them, you can easily get overwhelmed with the process and confused by aaallll of the tech tools available.

Every business can (and should) use conversion funnels. Whether it’s for Lead Generation, Product Launches, Revenue Boosting Flash Sales, High-Ticket Offer Webinars or Free Challenges, the goals of your funnels will always be to (1) generate leads, (2) convert them into customers, (3) get your new customers to buy more.
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3 Critical Keys to Creating Consistent Cash Flow & Funnels that Don’t Flop

Learn to create consistent cash flow with funnels that don’t flop using this digital marketing & funnel planning checklist.
Download the Checklist Now

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