So… Welcome to My GEEKdom!

If you’re ready to create and automate so you can be flexible and free but are also overwhelmed with the process, you can learn more about how we put the pieces of your digital marketing puzzle together here.

Over the past 20 years, while investing tons of time and money into training and certifications to become a skilled digital marketer, I’ve perfected my process for building marketing funnels using legit digital marketing strategies that work.

At the end of the day, I’m an implementer…

…the person coaches, consultants, virtual service professionals and local service providers call to IMPLEMENT their ideas online…

…to put all of their tech pieces together so that their vision and strategy transform from just ideas and dreams to actual working, income-generating digital marketing assets…

…like sales pages, email signup pages, membership sites, email sequences, and marketing funnels that convert lookers into leads and browsers into buyers.

Tamala Huntley

The Digital Landscape Changes Often…

… yet there are timeless fundamentals that still work… that are effective and give consistent results.

After 20 years of doing business on and offline I recognized a pattern of what works.

For all those years I worked as a freelancer (sometimes full time, sometimes not). Then, in 2018, I founded my digital marketing agency, Simple Life Digital (SLD).

More Leads | More Clients | More Sales

Through SLD I help local service providers, coaches, consultants, authors, speakers and virtual service providers implement automated sales systems (a.k.a. SIMPLE LeadGen Engines) that multiply their enrollments, allow them to serve more of their dream clients and elevate their impact in the world.

Implementation Is Key!

Tamala Huntley Digital Marketing ImplementationWaaaay back in 1998, I opened my first business, an online bookstore. Eventually, I transitioned it into a bricks & mortar location. However, this was my first introduction to website design. I taught myself HTML and ColdFusion and got to work!

Fast forward to today and the online world is vastly different, to say the least.

Now, the software and tools are too many to count.

Using creative insight and technical expertise, I help coaches, experts, creative entrepreneurs and service providers (local and virtual) IMPLEMENT digital strategy, online systems, marketing funnels and automation.

I take pride in my work and I never take it lightly when a client chooses me to help them take their business further. I’m always excited about the opportunity to deliver on time, with accuracy and attention to detail.

I’ve always been one to believe in following your DREAMS. I want to change the world and if using my knowledge, skills and expertise to help YOU fulfill YOUR dreams in business is a way to do that (which I believe it is) count me in!

My life’s mission: FREEDOM & PHILANTHROPY.

Here’s To MAKING Life Happen,

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